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Blogs You Should Be Following

Rosie Culture

These are blogs you should DEFINITELY be following. If you’re looking for great writers who are supportive – these are the blogs for you! Please take a look at these blogs and give them some love, they’ve all been so supportive of me and deserve some support back!

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Easy-Cheesy Hasselback Chicken

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The Sutra of Innumerable Meaning

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The Sutra of Innumerable Meaning

I use this wonderful sutra to introduce my understanding of various Mahayana Buddhist Concepts. This is a video reading of an older blog post, which may be found here: 

Source: The Sutra of Innumerable Meaning

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What doesn’t kill you…

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10 Ways to Get Paid to Blog!

Ha ha ha!

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Hack Your Life Courtesy Of Russia…

I found him too. Oddly compelling.

Steve McSteveface

I had no idea what a “life hack” was until I recently stumbled across a guy on YouTube who goes by the name of CrazyRussianHacker…

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The Blog is Dying…REALLY :(

Culture Monk

deep in thought

By Kenneth Justice

~ Yesterday the blogging world was rocked by the announcement that Andrew Sullivan’s “The Dish” a 15 year old blog, is closing up shop. Sullivan had grown his blog into one of the biggest blogs in the world. A regular guest on CNN and a political activist who wouldn’t allow anyone to put him into a single ideological box, Sullivan will be sorely missed. 

Chris Taylor of Mashable says in this <article> that blogging has gone the way of the “dodo bird”, because according to Taylor; why blog when you can send a short Tweet or make a Facebook post to get your thoughts out to the world, he writes,

“These days, if you have something to say and it won’t fit in a single tweet (or a tweetstorm), you have so many more compelling options than blogging. You can post on Facebook if it’s just…

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Brown Glasses Blog

The world through my glasses

Richard Askwith

Author, journalist, runner

The Baking Beardy

My attempt to make, perfect and customise the recipes I love!